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When it comes to your company’s image, cleanliness and curb appeal are key factors. Whether you have a storefront business, manage a HOA or apartment complex, or have a fleet of company vehicles, people take notice when things are dirty. Let Top Notch Pressure Washing help your company stand out and shine! Call today to see how Top Notch can best serve you!

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Does a dirty building catch your eye? I bet your customers notice! Nothing makes a commercial building look more neglected than allowing it to become covered in dirt, debris, and other foreign pollutants. Exterior cleaning will not only give customers an undesirable impression, but it will also have a negative impact on the value of your building. By being on a consistent cleaning schedule your building’s exterior will shine and attract more potential customers.

A clean building or restaurant goes a long way in attracting new customers and keeping the current ones. No matter the type of business, a building that is clean and well maintained is going to be more attractive to customers than one that is not. To offer your customers the most positive impression you need to have your commercial building pressure washed by a professional on a consistent basis. A clean business attracts customers and more customers means more profit!

Does pressure washing really save my business time and money? Yes, it does! Simply put, by hiring a professional to maintain your exterior cleaning needs your company can reduce the time and cost it would take to fix or replace an item which could have been prevented if on a scheduled cleaning program. The amount of people, cars, and everyday abuse that a commercial property experiences day in and day out can take a toll on the concrete and building surfaces that surround it. For example, gum and other stains on the concrete surfaces, vehicle fluids leaking in the parking lot, grease and dumpster pad spills, and even graffiti on buildings. Hiring a professional pressure washing company can ensure these issues are addressed immediately and prevent any permanent damage. Therefore, saving your business time and money on costly repairs.

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Frequently Asked
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We pressure wash all of the following:

  • City Pools & Parks & Rec.
  • Sanitation of Playgrounds
  • City & Government Buildings
  • Maintenance of School Buildings & Sports Stadiums
  • Restaurants & Store Fronts
  • Health Facilities
  • New Construction
  • Apartment
  • Complexes
  • HOA’s
  • Fleet Washing

Softwashing is a cleaning method that significantly reduces the water pressure to ensure that no damage occurs during the cleaning of your project. Softwashing is used on all house and building washes. Our equipment is designed to clean effectively and efficiently but most important safely. Power washing can cause serious damage, such as dislodging siding or forcing water under the siding or soffits. It is a misconception that high-pressure is needed to achieve clean siding. Generally speaking, the only time high-pressure is needed is for concrete cleaning.

Austin and the Top Notch crew treat every customers project like it’s their own. We listen closely to the customer’s needs and keep an open line of communication through the entire process. Top Notch is trained to put the customer first while also educating the customer on the processes and techniques that will take place on their property. Our goal is to always exceed the customer’s expectations and leave them with an unforgettable experience!

Yes, Top Notch gives free estimates and depending in the job/customer we can also provide you with a free demo cleaning to show you that our cleaning methods do work! We are also full insured and can you provide you with the proper paperwork proving so, just ask us for a copy!

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